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High Court decision on UK arms to Saudi Arabia

Economics is given priority over civilian lives in High Court decision on UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia 

By Action Against Hunger

Jul 10 2017

Lucile Grosjean, Advocacy Manager at Action Against Hunger, said:

“Today, profits have been prioritised over Yemeni lives once again. The High Court's endorsement of British arm sales to Saudi Arabia, which has been accused on numerous occasions of indiscriminately targeting civilians, sends out a wrong signal.”

“We have known for a long time that civilians are dying as a result of arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition. They themselves know. The United Nations have denounced indiscriminate bombings against civilians in Yemen and many organisations have documented and presented evidence of violations against international humanitarian law. Today’s verdict only adds to the concern of humanitarian organisations like Action Against Hunger for the plight of civilians in Yemen.”

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