A lifeline for children in Mali, Action Against Hunger

Healthy Kids: when good nutrition transforms lives

Read some of our amazing stories showing how children’s lives have been transformed in Mali.

By Action Against Hunger

Jan 12 2017

Today, 16 million children worldwide suffer from life-threatening undernutrition. Shockingly, only 1 in ten children currently get the treatment they so desperately need to regain their health, often simply because health care is too far away. The good news is that the innocent foundation and Action Against Hunger are working to change this. Together, we are revolutionising the way malnourished children are diagnosed and treated, paving the way for health workers to reach all malnourished children, no matter where they live.

By empowering community health workers to diagnose and treat children at home, rather than expecting their parents to walk up to 40km to the nearest clinic every week for treatment, we are tackling undernutrition head on.

This month, meet some of the wonderful people from Kourounan in Mali, and find out how access to healthcare has transformed their lives. Watch for more stories soon. 



The community health worker: “I enjoy helping others”

The arrival of Famakan Kiabou, a community health worker, has transformed lives, bringing lifesaving healthcare to a village previously cut off from care.



The teacher: “our children are our future”

As a parent and teacher, Kabo Diale knows the importance of good nutrition all too well. “Our children should be healthy; and they should be able to learn.” We couldn’t agree more.



The mum: “I’m less scared for my children”

For Mahat Dansia, a mum whose youngest child was severely ill a few months ago, health care in her village has given her hope: “I’m less scared for my children these days. Because now I know that they can get better.”


All images: Ben Stevens / i-Images for Action Against Hunger, Mali, 2016