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Action Against Hunger welcomes the launch of the 4th Global Nutrition Report, (GNR). 

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Nov 6 2017

Action Against Hunger welcomes the launch of the 4th Global Nutrition Report, (GNR), which shows that nutrition, although critical for economic and human development remains woefully underfunded.

It emphasizes the need for a more integrated approach, if the world wants to reduce all forms of malnutrition and achieve zero hunger by 2030.The situation seems to be worsening: the number of people suffering from hunger is on the rise, the burden of stunting and wasting hasn’t been decreasing fast enough, with some regions lagging behind.


Factors and pathways leading to undernutrition are diverse, complex, and typically interconnected. Action Against Hunger therefore welcomes the report’s emphasis on linkages between nutrition and food systems, health systems, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) issues. However, it’s disappointing that it doesn’t encompass more recommendations on the concrete steps needed to achieve integration between these sectors. 


Good nutrition drives stability, economic development, good governance, and enhances peace. Unfortunately, nutrition programs remain woefully underfunded, both by high burden countries and by donor countries.  Current Official Development Assistance (ODA) spending on nutrition is still well below financial need. Innovative financing mechanisms represent a fantastic opportunity for nutrition, and could have been further explored by the GNR.


By providing data­­­­­­­, the GNR leads the way to stronger accountability in the nutrition community, but improved transparent and inclusive accountability mechanisms are still needed at national and global levels.


Action Against Hunger will use the data included in the report to hold duty bearers accountable for their commitments, including Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) commitments. We will ensure that, through greater accountability, bottlenecks to progress and interventions with the most impact are identified and well-funded, by high burden countries and the wider development community. 

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