Generation Nutrition are taking their successful campaigning to Nepal

Generation Nutrition Appeal for Action in Nepal

Generation Nutrition, with help from SLOW LIFE, are taking their campaigning to Nepal, calling on their government to meet 11 targets vital for countering malnutrition in the country

By Action Against Hunger

Jan 5 2016

Action Against Hunger and SLOW LIFE are building on the success of the Generation Nutrition campaign last year to appeal to the Nepalese government to act in improving treatment and prevention of malnutrition in the country. 

Generation Nutrition, a movement led by Action Against Hunger with other aid agencies, called on world leaders to safeguard millions of children by prioritising acute malnutrition in the next global development goals. An amazing 93,000 people signed the petition, and on 25th September 2015, for the first time ever, world leaders adopted a new goal to end all forms of malnutrition by 2030.

The movement is now aiming to ensure the right commitments and resources are put in place to make this ambitious goal a reality. According to the latest data available, acute malnutrition affects 350,000 children under five in Nepal, and can be life-threatening if not treated. Identifying and treating these children is of upmost importance if they are to survive, and with the country looking to recover from last year’s earthquake, Action Against Hunger and around forty other organisations are backing Generation Nutrition in pointing their attention to Nepal, to ensure vital lives are not lost.

Generation Nutrition's Appeal for Action

A vital aspect of treating malnutrition successfully is to recognise that acute malnutrition is a major health problem, but one that can be treated with the correct proven and cost-effective interventions. Amongst these is the use of simple measurement tools such as Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) within communities by Community Health Workers to identify acutely malnourished children early. This makes treatment easier, by being proactive in reaching those at risk. 

Tools like this, along with an appeal for strengthened data across Nepal and increased financial allocation for acute malnutrition from the Government Annual Work plan and Budget, are among the 11 pillars of Generation Nutrition’s Appeal to Action to the Nepalese government. This advocacy hopes to build upon Action Against Hunger’s existing work in the region, and urge increased political priority and funding for nutrition within Nepal.

Ben Hobbs, Campaign Manager for Generation Nutrition, outlines the campaign's importance: “We are really excited by the launch of the Generation Nutrition campaign in Nepal. Civil society organisations have come together there to raise the profile of child malnutrition and to call on their Government to take stronger action, especially in relation to acute malnutrition. This condition affects 350,000 children under five in the country and can be life-threatening, if not treated. Generation Nutrition Nepal is calling on the Government to take steps to cut these numbers by more than half.”      


SLOW LIFE, as part of The Soneva Foundation, have allocated a grant which is helping to fund prevention, treatment and advocacy activities in Nepal. This is helping to train community health workers, and strengthen the national health department to help end child hunger in Nepal. Their support for Action Against Hunger and Generation Nutrition’s work in Nepal has been vital in the work we are continuing to put in as non-governmental leaders in tackling malnutrition.

We thank SLOW LIFE for their support, and hope that Generation Nutrition’s Appeal for Action leads to improved prevention and treatment of malnutrition in Nepal, and a happier 2016 for many in the country. 

For more information about Generation Nutrition visit the campaign website and for more information about SLOW LIFE and The Soneva Foundation click here


Article image taken from, Teaser image taking from Generation Nutrition Twitter Account - @GenerationNutri