Two top fundraisers challenge themselves to fight famine.

Famine Fundraisers Cover 100km in 10 days

A dedicated duo take on the personal challenge of running 10KM a day, 10 days in a row to #UniteAgainstFamine.

By Action Against Hunger

Aug 2 2017

Last week, Action Against Hunger supporter Tilly Rand-Bell and her partner Harry challenged themselves to run 10KM every day for 10 consecutive days in order to raise funds for our #UniteAgainstFamine Appeal. Having heard about the looming famine in South Sudan and Somalia on the radio, Tilly explained that she “suddenly felt the urge to help in any way possible” and so she decided to step out of her comfort zone and take on this active challenge.

I don’t run, never have, and never saw myself as a runner either, I’m 6ft so big for a female and don’t naturally have a runner’s frame. Therefore I thought running would be a challenge so asked my partner whether he thought a 10km run would help raise some money.” But Harry, had bigger plans: “He said that If I wanted to make a big impact I needed to not only challenge myself but do something even runners wouldn’t want to do. And so that’s when two people who have never ran before came up with the 10 by 10.”


For Tilly and Harry the physical effort was only part of the challenge as they had to work hard to find the time in their busy schedules to actually complete each run: “We both have very busy lives, day jobs, nightshifts, studying, both starting businesses as well as balancing a social life, so it was kind of done when we could. I had a shift at work that was 8 in the morning till the next day so one day I had to get up at 5am to complete it before work.” 

Not finding any locally organized races to suit their schedules, the pair used a running app to measure their progress each day and uploaded the results to their online everyday hero donation page. “We ran them anywhere we could, Harry’s first one was while volunteering to in the peak district then some were around Oxfordshire some in fields, but mostly on roads.


With such early starts day after day, Tilly used her fundraising as motivation to keep going: “To me the idea of children starving, mothers dying before their children, people knowing they won’t get to 20 all because of food and water, is just something I struggle to comprehend. My family is very big and social so food is a huge thing for us, it’s a bonding tool, its pleasure, we are lucky enough to have what we want when we want.

After updating and sharing their donation page and promoting their efforts through a local paper and BBC Radio Oxford the couple managed to smash their target of £1,000. Tilly reflects: “Raising the money, seeing people’s generosity, people who we didn’t think would even donate, donating way more than generous amounts, is something we will always remember”.

Tilly’s tips for anyone wanting to take on a challenge for Action Against Hunger:

  • Do it, you will get there even if it might not be easy!
  • Be proud of any achievement, even if you don’t quite hit your target the funds you raise will go a long way.
  • Have a big slice of cake once you’re done!

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