Eight things you might not know about Action Against Hunger- nutrition, WASH, health, mental health, advocacy, partnerships, SDGs

Eight things you might not know about Action Against Hunger

Learn eight things you might not know about our work 

By Action Against Hunger

Jun 23 2016

1.    We work in nearly 50 countries around the world

We're an international organisations with offices in 47 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. We are opening a new office in Tanzania soon, and are always monitoring the situation around the world to make sure we are closest to those who need help most.


2.    We know the best ways to treat hunger, and we share them

Action Against Hunger is leading the fight against child malnutrition. Today we can treat even the most hungry since malnutrition is not inevitable – it is preventable and treatable. We know we can treat even the most hungry and we pass on this knowledge to health ministries and other NGOs to make sure it reaches as many people as possible.


3.    We’re there when disaster strikes to help families rebuild their lives

When drought and disaster strikes, Action Against Hunger is there. Our 24 hour rapid-response emergency teams deliver immediate life-saving aid to children and families in distress. Since 2010, Action Against Hunger has intervened in 103 emergencies around the world. 28 of these were in 2015, including the Nepal Earthquake, and responding to the Ebola outbreak.


4.    Teamwork makes the dream work

Action Against Hunger understands that to achieve our goals, we can do more working in partnerships than just working alone. That’s why we have 754 formal partnerships in place with governments, other international aid agencies, academic bodies and private partners. 


5. We are so much more than a hunger charity

We believe in a wide approach to help as many people threatened with health problems as possible. That’s why in addition to treating malnutrition, we also focus on providing communities with water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions — as dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene are big contributors to making kids sick, undoing the positive effects of whatever nutrition they are getting.

We help communities stand on their own two feet by providing access to income and food and, further, we delivered direct health assistance to over 3m people in 2015, and gave mental health and care practice support to almost half a million more.


6.    We believe in creative solutions to problems

Problems like hunger and lack of clean water sometimes need innovative solutions. Whether it is our collaboration with the innocent foundation on a revolutionary research project that aims to reach all malnourished children, no matter where they are, or working with several other agencies on providing cash transfers and vouchers in emergencies, we like to believe that creativity and good ideas are key to unlocking some of the biggest problems around the world. 


7.    We push for long-term change 

Our team is full of brilliant campaigners, who work day and night to keep issues we face globally on the agenda. We successfully pushed for nutrition to become a prominent part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and work with over 85 organisations on the Generation Nutrition campaign.


8.    We set big targets

Action Against Hunger won’t shy away from ambition. We are aiming for a world free of child hunger by 2030. It’s this kind of target that motivates the work we do everyday – and we hope it motivates all our supporters around the world as well. Together, we can achieve a world without child hunger


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Photo Credits- 3: Hans Rippe for Action Against Hunger, Colombia. 4: Florien Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Iraq. 5: Daniel Burgui Iquzkiza for Action Against Hunger, Phillipines. 6: Ben Stevens for Action Against Hunger, Mali. 8: Sadeque Rahman for Action Against Hunger, Bangladesh