Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia: 1.5 Million people Affected - DEC Appeal

Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia: 1.5 Million people Affected

Working with local partners, Action Against Hunger is providing vital services to vulnerable communities.

By Action Against Hunger

Nov 2 2018

On Friday 28th September, a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, affecting an estimated 1.5 million people. Over 2,000 lives have been lost and more than 70,000 people have been displaced, seeking refuge in makeshift shelters.


Action Against Hunger is on the ground and is working with two partners in Indonesia, Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU), and French agency Aquassistance, to provide emergency humanitarian response. Our work covers three core areas:

  • Clean, safe water

For the first three months, we will provide an emergency water supply to 1,000 households and emergency toilets through YEU. Working with Aquassistance, we will supply two water treatment units and send technicians to install them. This will give communities access to clean, safe drinking water. 

  • Hygiene and sanitation

Through YEU, we will provide hygiene kits for 1000 families and help promote good hygiene practices to minimise the spread of disease.

  • Nutrition

We will also set up community kitchens in displacement camps, providing food for over 4,000 people. When families begin returning to their homes food, health and counselling for mothers will be provided for three months.

Fig. 1: The worst affected areas of the earthquake and tsunami.

"People cannot access water as infrastructure is destroyed" - Yohanis Pakereng, Action Against Hunger’s country director in Indonesia

Urgent humanitarian needs include support of medical and health services, access to food and clean water, and blankets and emergency shelters distribution for affected people. The response is being coordinated by the Government of Indonesia, which is taking a lead in restoring basic infrastructure and ensuring humanitarian access is guaranteed.

Action Against Hunger has been present in Indonesia for two decades and will continue to support the country during urgent humanitarian disasters, as well as providing long-term sustainable programmes.

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Images: Action Against Hunger