Charity Chopsticks Brunch Club

Food-loving fundraiser says no to knives and forks with Sunday brunch, Asian-style.

By Action Against Hunger

Mar 10 2016

Food blogger Shu Han Lee is getting creative in the kitchen with her new monthly Chopsticks Brunch Club in aid of Action Against Hunger.

Tired of the late nights and washing up in the wee hours, Shu wanted to try a new take on the traditional supper-club by hosting a series of Sunday brunches, showcasing her take on Singaporean cuisine.

“I thought it would be exciting to introduce Londoners to a different kind of start to the day. Brunch back home isn't quite so much about poached eggs, pancakes and avocado on toast; there are light noodle soups, congee, fried rice cakes, and sometimes even curry. No forks and knives, for sure– hence the name Chopsticks Brunch Club!”

So far the monthly brunch clubs, which Shu hosts in her North-London home, have raised over £250 to support Action Against Hunger in the fight to end child hunger.

Food blogger Shu Han Lee in action

As someone who loves food and feeding others, it seems natural to support a cause that helps the lives of malnourished children. I like the idea that my hard work in the kitchen doesn’t only go towards feeding my guests, but also the less fortunate families in other parts of the world.”

If you’re interested in taking your love of food further to raise vital funds for Action Against Hunger then Shu has a few words of advice: Don’t think too much and just do it! Pick your favourite dishes to make, maybe borrow a few chairs, and spread the word and gather a few friends over.” 

For more information, advice and materials for your foodie fundraiser e-mail the Fundraising Team today.

To secure your place at the next Chopsticks Brunch Club visit Shu’s blog here.

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