Celebrity Chef Ken Hom supports Action Against Hunger

Celebrities take to the phone to help raise funds at ICAP Charity Day

We were thrilled to be one of the benefiting charities of ICAP's Charity Day 2014.

By Action Against Hunger

Dec 13 2014

The ICAP Charity Day saw all revenues and commissions from the leading markets operator, across its global offices donated to charity for one day a year, raising over £110 million over the last 21 years to support a variety of projects around the world.
Our ambassador Ken Hom (pictured with some of the ICAP team above) and Sarah-Jane Crawford joined other celebrities including Damien Lewis, Cheryl Cole and Prince Harry to help seal the deals and raise money for Action Against Hunger and the other chosen charities.
Thanks to ICAP’s amazing support, our teams will implement a pioneering project in a slum area of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.
'Though Madagascar’s economy benefits from ecotourism, ecological research, and a growing agricultural sector, the unequal distribution of wealth has left 90% of the country’s population living on less than two dollars a day and more than half of all children in Madagascar suffer from chronic malnutrition,' said Catherine Davis, Action Against Hunger's Corporate Manager. 'The programme that ICAP are funding will help improve access to nutritious food for vulnerable families struggling with the effects of flooding, limited access to drinking water and sanitation and, increasingly, food insecurity.'
Money raised during Charity Day will help transform more than 16,000 lives in Antohomadinika III G Hangar, a community in Antananarivo, where a recent survey conducted by our teams revealed that 1 in 10 children under five years old were malnourished.
Nutrition is the foundation for every child’s health and development. Action Against Hunger’s programmes in Madagascar aim to provide children with the nutrition they need to grow, develop and build their own futures.
Find out more about ICAP Charity Day here.