10 years with Taste of London | Action Against Hunger

Celebrating 10 years of fundraising with Taste of London

This year marks 10 years that Action Against Hunger has been involved with Taste of London.

By Action Against Hunger

Jun 8 2016

This June marks 10 years since Action Against Hunger first partnered with Taste of London. From our initial cake sale fundraising activities to the 5 star restaurant concept now, it has been a wonderful journey with each year completely different to the last.

Back in 2006 our first activity was ‘Tea at The Critz’ where some of London’s top critics went head to head against chefs in a cake baking competition. In 2010 we launched our own restaurant stand which has seen us working with 40 of the UK’s top chefs.

In 2013 Bill Knott created the 5 star concept with the launch of the immensely popular 5 star burger and since then we’ve served everything from hotdogs, to oysters, to kebabs, As we celebrate the ten years working together with Taste Festivals it seemed fitting to bring back the 5 star burger, but this time with 5 different burgers for people to try!

As with many of our partnerships with the restaurant industry – it all started with Bill Knott! Thanks to Bill and Taste Festivals, in the last 10 years we have:

  • Worked with over 40 chefs with our restaurant,
  • Served over 20,000 dishes,
  • And raised over £200,0000  for our lifesaving work around the world! To put this into context this could be enough to save the lives of 4761 malnourished children.

We are immensely proud to be Taste of London’s official charity partner, and we look forward to another 10 years fundraising together!


A huge thank you to Taste of London for a wonderful 10 years. And of course thank you to the numerous chefs, critics, sponsors and food lovers who have made it all possible! And a special thank you has to go to Bill Knott.

You can help us celebrate ten years of Taste and Action Against Hunger by visiting our restaurant stand at Taste of London and trying our 5 Star Burgers