Bill Knott Received his Points Of Light Award At Too Many Critics London 2016

Bill Knott receives "Point of Light" award from Prime Minister David Cameron

Our longstanding ambassador Bill Knott wins award in recognition of his dedication to support our work for nearly two decades. We couldn't be more proud! 

By Action Against Hunger

Jun 7 2016

Tireless support for almost 20 years

In recognition of his work for Action Against Hunger, food writer and former chef Bill Knott was awarded a “Point of Light” on the 2nd of June by Prime Minister David Cameron. The award recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community, and inspire others.

Bill has worked tirelessly for almost 20 years to support our work to provide malnourished children with healthier futures, playing a key role in establishing our relationship with the British food industry - a relationship that now raises more than £1 million annually for our work.

He has helped to create a number of major fundraising events, including the Fine Wine Auction and Dinner which, as it enters its 10th year, has raised over £1.8 million. Bill also helped establish our unique event ‘Too Many Critics’ - which sees a number of high profile food critics cooking for a selection of chefs from top restaurants in London and Manchester.

So what better occasion for Bill to receive his award than at this year’s ‘Too Many Critics’ London event, which took place this Sunday at Ceviche Old Street.

We interviewed Bill at the event to talk about him about receiving the “Point of Light” award:

"A dedicated and innovative ambassador"

Prime Minister David Cameron said of Bill’s award -

"Bill is a dedicated and innovative ambassador for Action Against Hunger. From auctioning wine, to turning the tables on some of the country’s most celebrated food critics, he has raised an impressive sum to support this important international work. I’m delighted to be recognising Bill as the UK’s 545th Point of Light.”

Bill, whose support for Action Against Hunger began when he received a letter from us in 1997, was delighted to receive to receive this recognition, and spoke about how much his work with the Action Against Hunger team means to him – 

I can't imagine my life without Action Against Hunger now. Every time we put together an event and talk about the amazing work that our staff do around the world, I get a huge kick out of seeing new people enthused about what we can all do to help end child hunger.”

Our enormous thanks and congratulations go to Bill on his richly deserved award. It is thanks to fantastic supporters like him that we will get ever closer to a day without child hunger.

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