Action Against Hunger in 2014

8 facts you may not know about our work in 2014

In 2014, we continued to respond to humanitarian crises around the world and provide malnourished children with the nutrition they need to develop and fulfil their potential.

By Action Against Hunger

Aug 27 2015

1. We helped over 13.6 million people

Thanks to you, Action Against Hunger reached 13,644,357 people in 47 countries worldwide. 


2. Eighty-four pence in every £1 went directly towards our charitable activities


3. We treated children suffering from life-threatening malnutrition

Last year, Action Against Hunger nurtured 430,944 children suffering from life-threatening hunger back to health. 


4. We responded to an unprecedented number of humanitarian crises

Last year witnessed an unprecedented number of global humanitarian emergencies. Conflicts in Central African Republic, Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa subjected millions of children and their families to hunger and emotional trauma. We were at the forefront of humanitarian action, responding to 19 emergencies including Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and Central African Republic.


5. We responded to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa 

The largest and longest Ebola outbreak in history claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people. The epidemic has also had a profound impact on a whole generation of young children. In 2014, we worked closely with health and aid agencies in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to stop the spread of Ebola and provide nutrition and psychological support. 


6. We helped families rebuild their lives after typhoon Haiyan

One of the strongest storms ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan left 14 million people in need of aid – four million of whom lost their homes. Action Against Hunger responded immediately, helping families rebuild their lives. In 2014 we helped 853,055 people through the difficult times and to stand on their own two feet again. 


7. We campaigned for a global target on child hunger

In May we launched our first international campaign - Generation Nutrition – a growing movement led by Action Against Hunger calling on world leaders to end child hunger in our generation. In March 2015, a delegation of campaigners presented our 40,000 signature petition to Ireland’s Ambassador at the UN, David Donoghue.


8. We helped families whose lives have been upside down by violence in South Sudan

While South Sudan’s humanitarian challenges remain daunting, we provided 25,000 malnourished children with lifesaving nutrition treatment and 348,263 people with access to safe water and sanitation. 


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