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An overview of our work and the humanitarian situation in Pakistan. Our teams are providing a holistic approach to treating severe acute malnutrition 

People we helped in 2015

A perpetual rise in destabilising socio-political, economic and environmental forces during the past decade has had a serious impact on Pakistan’s humanitarian situation. Food insecurity is widespread and recurring natural disasters routinely displace millions of people, destroy homes and vital infrastructure, and disrupt lives and livelihoods. Malnutrition rates in Pakistan remain worryingly high.

In 2010, monsoon rains overwhelmed the Indus river banks and caused some of the most extensive flooding in Pakistan’s history. Homes were destroyed, roads and bridges damaged, and more than 20 million people were affected  with 10 million requiring immediate humanitarian assistance. Subsequent flooding in 2011 hampered recovery efforts, wiping out harvests, and assailing the country’s economic stability by taxing power grids, raising food and fuel prices, and exacerbating long-standing internal conflicts.

What we’re doing

We responded to both emergencies while continuing our existing programmes in nutrition, food security and water and sanitation. Our approach in the country is holistic, integrating the prevention and treatment of severe malnutrition with food security and livelihoods programmes designed to ensure access to food and income for the long term.


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Photo credits:  © Richard Moose, ACF Pakistan

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