Action Against Hunger has been working in Jordan since 2013


The ongoing influx of refugees, especially from Syria, is putting the Jordanian economy and its infrastructure under increased pressure.

Country Overview

Eight years after the start of the Syrian conflict, more than 1.3 millions Syrians have sought refuge in Jordan, weighing on the Jordanian economy and its infrastructure. There are 671,047 registered refugees and about 83% of them live outside the camps. 

The challenge in Jordan is to ensure refugees have access to basic livelihoods as well as offering support to host communities for their immediate needs. 

As the Syrian crisis continues and the influx of refugees stabilised, government national policies aim to put long-term solutions in place. 

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What we are doing

We have been working in Jordan since 2013 providing a range of life-saving services for Syrian refugees and their host communities.

We are recognised as the lead humanitarian organisation in the in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. 

In addition, we have established "Cash for Work" and waste management programmes. Projects such as the waste management programme in Irbid, employs 1,200 refugees to collect and sort waste from the streets, empowering communities to provide for themselves. You can read more about this project on the Reuters website

As many are traumatised by what they have seen and experienced, our teams provide psychological support to the most vulnerable children and women. This, along with nutritional advice, also boosts mothers’ ability to nurture their children in this challenging new environment. To improve families’ living conditions, we are also providing food security and livelihood support.

Our programmes in Jordan include: 

  • Improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities
  • Psychosocial support groups
  • Cash for work programmes 
  • Nutritional education programmes
  • Screening and treating children for malnutrition 
Help save lives in Jordan & around the world
Help save lives in Jordan & around the world


Help save lives in Jordan & around the world

Photo credits: ©Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger

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