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Vulnerable communities in Indonesia are severly impacted by climate change, natural disasters and extreme inequality. 

Country Overview

In spite of a very strong economic upturn over the last few years, poverty, unemployment, corruption, and the lack of facilities are still present in Indonesia. With respect to health and nutrition, the indicators - state of health of the population and sanitary facilities, access to medical services and quality of care - are very worrying. The global severe malnutrition rate stands at 21.2% and that of severe acute malnutrition at 3.9% - over the emergency levels defined by the WHO.

Moreover, in a country where there is extreme inequality, and exposure to natural disasters, the climactic threats have a greater effect on vulnerable communities.

In 2018, three major earthquakes affected certain areas of the country, causing extensive damage and human losses.

People we helped in 2018

What we are doing

In 2018, the main focus of our work was:

  • Tackling malnutrition and undernutrition
  • Expanding our childhood health projects to include 12 health centres offering training and capacity building
  • Responding to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the island of Sulawesi in September 2018
DEC Emergency Appeal
DEC Emergency Appeal

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