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The situation in Abkhazia remains unresolved, exacerbating tensions between the local population and increasing the likelihood of a new conflict.

Country Overview

Georgia is located in the Caucasus, bordering both Europe and Asia. Its most recent tensions with neighbouring Russia became ominous in 2008 when an initial 130,000 people from Abkhazia, Sidha Kartli and South Ossetia became displaced. Since 2008, the situation in Abkhazia remains unresolved and has prevented any significant improvements in the region’s economic situation, exacerbating tensions between the local population and increasing the likelihood of a new conflict. Abkhazia’s dependence on budgetary support from Russia also places the separatist region in a vulnerable situation.


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What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been present in Georgia since 1994 and we have focused efforts on:

  • Our long-term food security programs
  • Identifying income-generating activities and providing training to the most vulnerable families 
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene programmes

In 2017, we established rural employment and development projects, offering technical assistance to cooperatives through vocational training and technical and financial advice. In Georgia, we worked with the local vulnerable population, minorities and internally displaced people. We are also working on a response to mitigate the effects of a plague that affected both zones, Georgia and Abkhazia, significantly harming rural people’s livelihoods.

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