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An overview of our work and the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe. Our teams are  focusing on the prevention of malnutrition

People we helped in 2016

Zimbabwe has continued to make steady progress towards economic recovery. 

Despite the poor 2011/2012 rainfall season, which reduced the availability of and access to food for families, progress has been in made in providing health care, improving food production systems and enhancing links between smallholder farmers and local markets. Some progress has also been made in strengthening the capacity of the national and local authorities to improve the public health situation. Zimbabwe’s new Food and Nutrition Security Policy also provides a framework for a cohesive multi-sectorial action programme with a shared vision and strategy for improving the food and nutrition security of families nationwide.

But huge challenges remain. Although the prevalence of HIV has been reduced, it still affects many families in the country, many of whom also suffer from malnutrition due to food insecurity. Families living in rural areas still struggle to meet their daily food needs and limited access to water and sanitation increases the risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera.

What we are doing

Present in Zimbabwe since 2002, our focus is to prevent malnutrition by addressing its underlying causes and the problems that prevent communities from being able to withstand recurring crises, such as drought or fluctuations in global food prices. With this in mind, we support local health centres and partner with health authorities to build their capacity to address hunger.

In Masvingo province, we are implementing a multi-year project to improve access to drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene practices by providing training and sharing expertise. 

We are also strengthening local partners' capacity to mitigate disasters by providing training, agricultural inputs, and designing strategies aimed at improving farmers’ access to markets.   


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