An estimated 900,000 people remain out of reach for humanitarians, but some areas became accessible in 2017.


The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria's North East region is the tenth most severe crisis in the world according to the UN's Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


Conflict in Northeast Nigeria has caused a deepening humanitarian crisis, devastating civilians. 7.1 million people need assistance and 1.8 million are internally displaced. It is estimated that 823,000 people live in areas inaccessible to international humanitarian organisations. 

Those displaced by the crisis are largely families with children, and they have taken shelter in informal and formal refugee camps. Many living in these camps are unable to support themselves and are entirely reliant on outside aid. This ongoing conflict exacerbates the already high malnutrition rates among children in Nigeria, with an estimated 1 million children under five years old living across the affected areas are acutely malnourished. 

Reaching those in need of assistance can be extremely difficult for humanitarian organisations. Despite this, we are present in some of the most affected areas, working to ensure that the children and their families affected by this conflict are receiving the lifesaving support they need.


People we helped in 2018


Our food security programmes have reached approximately people, providing food assistance through cash and vouchers, promoting income-generating activities, and cultivating vegetable gardens. 

In Yobe, Borno and Jigawa states, our nutrition and health services supported approximately 2.7 million people. We have treated severly malnourished children, and our mother-to-mother and father-to-father care groups have provided services, training and support to displaced parents. 

Our work mainly focuses on the following areas: 

  • Health and nutrition programmes
  • Clean water and sanitation to reduce malnutrition and disease
  • Emergency cash transfers to help displaced people purchase food or meet other urgent needs



Donate to the children in conflict appeal
Donate to the children in conflict appeal

Children's lives at risk

Donate to our Children in Conflict appeal

Photo credits: © Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger 

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