Action Against Hunger has been working in Liberia since 1990


Liberia remains one of the poorest countries in the world with 83.8% of its population living below the poverty line


Country Overview

Liberia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. 83.8% of its population lives below the poverty line ($1.25 per day) and 94% of workers are poor (living on less than $2 per day). Liberians grapple with a legacy of destroyed infrastructure, widespread poverty and poor living conditions. Liberia has suffered from chronic food insecurity since the outbreak of civil war 1989, that lasted 14 years and exacerbated the country’s low agricultural production and poor household incomes. The healthcare system has since also been faced with the Ebola epidemic in 2014, putting enourmous strain on an already fragile network and claiming thousands of lives.This epidemic also put harvests at risk and sent food prices soaring in the region, increasing the risk of hunger and malnutrition. Today, the rate of chronic malnutrition is among the highest in the world at 32%. 


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 What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been present in Liberia since 1990. Over the years, our approach to supporting the Liberian population has evolved as civil war came to an end and other challenges such as Ebola swept over the country. We have continued to work with the Ministry of Health and local health authorities in order to ensure that malnutrition is addressed countrywide and that it's causes and effects are taken into consideration in forward planning projects. We have also trained health personnel at local and national level to ensure our projects are sustainable. 

In 2017, our team completed its post-Ebola reconstruction work, supporting communities to recover from the epidemic through agricultrual programmes, economic projects and psychosocial support groups. Our nutrition teams work with the Ministry of Health to screen and treat children for acute malnutrition, treating 3,635 severely malnourished children under the age of five.

Our programmes in Liberia include:

  • Agricultural programmes
  • Psychosocial support (essential in communities that have experienced extreme loss due to Ebola)
  • Nutrition and health programmes
  • Investigative biomedical research to optimise the diagnosis of malnutrition
  • Research into the follow up care of children who have suffered from acute malnutrition
  • Providing clean water and sanitation facilities as well as building new water points particularly in schools and health centres
  • Training up local communities to maintain the hygeine of water points 


Action Against Hunger has been working in Liberia since 1990
Action Against Hunger has been working in Liberia since 1990


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Photo Credit: ©Agnès Varraine-Leca for Action Against Hunger

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