Action Against Hunger has been present in Chad since 1982


Since gaining independence in 1960, Chad has suffered from political instability, social unrest, and conflicts with neighbouring countries.

Country Overview

Chad faces several humanitarian crises, along with chronic poverty and low economic and social development. Both the regional conflict shaking the Lake Chad Basin and violence in the neighbouring Central African Republic are causing the displacement of people. 

According the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 4.5 million people – 27% of the population – face food insecurity.

people reached in 2018

What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been working in Chad since 1982. In 2018, we continued our health and nutrition programmes aimed at childen under five and pregnant and lactating women. We've also worked on projects aimed at improving food security and livelihoods, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

We campaign to reduce maternal and infant mortality and offered technical support to local organisations. 


Donate | Help people in Chad and all around the world
Donate | Help people in Chad and all around the world


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