Action Against Hunger has been present in Cameroon since 2014


3.9 million people are faced with food insecurity in Cameroon


Country Overview

Given its geographic location and economic stability, Cameroon represents a land of exile for refugees from neighbouring countries. Political strife in the Central African Republic as well as the violence linked to the rise of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region have both resulted in an influx of refugees and internally displaced persons. In 2017, the Far North region was sheltering more than 2.4 million refugees and displaced persons and 250,000 refugees from the Central African Republic have sought shelter in the east of the country.

More generally, 3.9 million people are faced with food insecurity in Cameroon, primarily in the Far North, North, Adamaoua and East regions.


151, 789
People we helped in 2017

What we are doing 

Action Against Hunger has been present in Cameroon since 2014. Initially we worked to strengthen relationships and build up communities in areas of large refugee influx. We supported the host communities and those fleeing from neighbouring countries by setting up sustanable projects to empower and build confidence. Four years later, we have now ended these emergency programmes working with Central African refugees and their host communties. 

In 2016 the Maroua base in the Far North was set up to help the surrounding districts' health centres and support the existing health systems. We have since been working here to improve access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Our teams also run hygiene education sessions to help reduced water-borne illnesses. A rapid response project was started in Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga departments to undertake multisector assessments of new population displacements and respond to their basic needs as well as essential water, hygiene, sanitation needs.

Programmes in Cameroon include: 

  • Continuing to assess new refugee communties' needs
  • Improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities
  • Education programmes to prevent the spread of water borne diseases
  • Projects to increase communities' access to jobs and improve livelihoods
  • Psychosocial support groups 
  • Screening and treating children suffering from malnutrition


Photo: Fabien Touzard for Action Against Hunger

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