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A child is fed ready-to-use therapeutic food by a midwife who is working with Action Against Hunger in Matam, Senegal

We're helping mums-to-be to build healthier futures for themselves and their children.

This Autumn, join us as we help mums and mums-to-be to create healthier futures for themselves and their children. By supporting the Healthy Mums Healthy Kids appeal, you're helping them to stay healthy and give birth to healthy children. You're helping them learn how to provide the care and nutrition their children need. And you're helping children to grow up strong.

The UK Government will double all donations, so we can provide mums and children in Senegal with the nutrition and support they need to survive and thrive.

donate now to our healthy mums healthy kids appeal and your donation will be doubled by the UK Government

Supporting teenage girls to stay healthy and give birth to healthy children when they become mums, and helping them to learn how to provide the care and nutrition their children need, means that children can have a healthy start to life and thrive.

The #HealthyMumsHealthyKids appeal is built on the premise that good nutrition and health during adolescence, a woman's pregnancy and her child's early years are the foundation that every child needs to reach their full potential.


Senegal is often thought of as the regional hub of business, culture and tourism in West Africa. And yet, in the desert-like north-eastern region of Matam, thousands of children under five suffer from severe acute malnutition in a persistent annual crisis. The causes of this life-threatening child malnutrition are complex, including poor access to healthcare, water and sanitation, high poverty rates, lack of dietary diversity and good nutritional knowledge, teenage pregnancies and lack of birth spacing.

Action Against Hunger has been working in Senegal since 2012, and in 2016 alone, it helped almost 100,000 people in the country. Matched funds will help Action Against Hunger build on its existing strengths in the region, working with local midwives, health workers and community volunteers to provide young girls, mums and mums-to-be with more access to nutritional advice and treatment. They will be better informed on how to provide good nutrition so that their children can grow up strong, develop into healthy adults and realise their full potential.

Midwife Ndiaye examines pregnant woman at a Health Post in Matam, having received training in how to diagnose and treat malnutrition from Action Against Hunger Midwife Ndiaye examines Dieynaba, a pregant woman, at a health post in Matam.

"Last year, Action Against Hunger built a well at the health post so that we can have clean water. Alongside this, they have trained my colleagues and I on diagnosing and treating malnutrition so we can help mums and their children." Madame Ndiaye, Midwife at a health post in Matam

Find out more about the people helping to deliver services in Matam and the mums and children they are helping on our Healthy Mums Healthy Kids blog page.


You can support the appeal by making a donation, eating at one of the participating Love Food Give Food restaurants and adding £1 to your bill, and by sharing our appeal on social media.

This Autumn, the UK Government will double donations made to #HealthyMumsHealthyKids, so we can help even more children survive malnutrition. Donations will be doubled up to a total of £5 million, to help our work in Matam.

A mother holds her baby at a health post in Matam, Senegal, where action against hunger is providing nutritional advice and treatment to young mums and mums-to-be so their children can grow up healthy and strong.
A mother holds her baby at a health post in Matam, Senegal

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Donate to Healthy Mums Healthy Kids this Autumn and the UK Government will double your donation.